Building Your Personal Brand Just Got Easier

Let’s be honest. As a CEO, you don’t have the time to build your personal brand. We all start out with good intentions, but along the way we get distracted, frustrated or discouraged

If you’re serious about achieving what matters to you most, you need a different approach.

As the first creative studio that helps build the personal brands of the leading business talent in South Africa, we’ve developed a proven three step process to help you get clearget motivated, and get started on the path towards building your personal brand.

It's time for you to tell your story

We believe that everyone CEO deserves the opportunity to tell their story and to be recognized for the value they’re creating in their own lives and the lives of their employees and customers.

The problem is that building your personal brand is not an easy thing to do. We understand how quickly you can end up feeling overwhelmed, leading to a lack of confidence in telling your story.

Our simple method removes any fear, doubt or confusion from your storytelling process, while our creative team works closely with you to ensure that we grow and protect your personal reputation and credibility when it matters most.

Checkout a recent case study

Mark Keating, CEO Salesguru

Mark Keating came to us to help tell his story and to position him as being South Africa’s Salesguru. We produced a series of branded content to help Mark increase his speaker bookings and to further build his brand as a CEO on social media and in the media.

“Digital Kungfu has helped me to convey my story in a fresh, exciting and highly compelling way. The experience I’ve had working with them has been exceptional.” – Mark Keating, CEO Salesguru

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If you do nothing, your personal brand will remain the same!

Our Ninja’s are ready to kick ass and take names on your behalf. Drop a line today!