Sales ready pipelines
for tech businesses,
delivered in days. 

Digital Kungfu has won the 
Best Technology Startup Award at the
African Tech Week Awards.

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Technology moves fast.
To generate leads and acquire key accounts
you need to move faster.

In an over-crowded B2B market, it is time to cut through the clutter and drive real lead generation and accounts based marketing (ABM) results.

To generate high quality leads and lands high-revenue accounts, you need to get your story in front of the right decision makers on relevant channels, and influence them towards buying from you and not your competition.

We generate leads and launch
accounts based marketing (ABM) initiatives quickly!

We understand the frustration of customers not migrating to your technology solutions despite significant effort and the pressure of sales targets that won’t go away.

To generate qualified leads and acquire high-revenue key accounts you cannot afford to waste your time and money working with ‘agencies’ and service providers who don’t understand how to build sales pipelines and acquire key accounts quickly. 

We generate you leads and take accounts based marketing (ABM) programs quickly!

We are different. We DO different.

Instead of big bang agency campaigns that are expensive, slow to take to market and don’t break through the clutter of competitor noise, we use proven lead generation and accounts based marketing (ABM) methods that generate real results for you. 

Speed is the new currency of marketing for technology businesses – you need to get to market in days, not months. Which is why it only takes us 7 days to get our tech clients from initial engagement to generating leads and closing more business!

You need a Lightning Strike campaign from Digital Kungfu, specifically designed to generate leads and build the brands of technology business

Everything you need to know about the Lightning Strike in 30 seconds!

Speed, effectiveness and affordability.

We combine storytelling, branded content and an agile marketing approach to help you maximise your market sharegenerate new leads and close more business in less time, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional agency.

We handle everything, from creating demand for your products to supporting your sales teams to close more business.

With a Lightning Strike from Digital Kungfu you finally have a quick, effective and affordable way to break through the clutter of competitor campaigns, retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

Our clients get results in weeks. Not months. Our agile marketing operating system is specifically designed to get your story in front of the right people, cutting the time it takes for prospects to understand what you do and why to buy from you and not your competitors.

We help you to market different not similar.

We are trusted by the biggest brands in tech.

Go Inside B2B Lead Generation 2019

Inside B2B Lead Generation 2019 is white paper researched and produced by Digital Kungfu.
Revealed are 3 proven lead magnets that are delivering real lead generation results for technology business in any sector and for any product.
Click below to access the white paper and our Inside Lead Generation webinar. 

Some love from our clients.

“Digital Kungfu has given our technology services meaning and credibility for the first time.” 

Tim Ohlsen, CEO Eldo Energy

“Digital Kungfu have been instrumental in helping us tell our brand story on a global stage.” 

Nathan Stevenson, CEO Forward Lane, New York

“Digital Kungfu has created a real step-change for our brand and software product.” 

Craig Collins, Granite WMS

Your story told in three easy steps:

Step #1

Design Story Sprint and
Produce Strike Assets

We define the story as it relates to your technology brand, and solutions, identify opportunities for execution and develop and produce creative concepts, messaging and branded content.

Step #2

Distribute Assets
(Media, PR & Social)

We get your story in front of the right people on relevant channels, and start generating leads for you. We do everything for you from content distribution to media relations and digital PR. 

Step #3

Listen, Measure and

We listen to market feedback, analyse the data and optimise the lead generation campaign. We respond to market feedback using our agile marketing approach and  generate a steady stream of hot-leads.

Seven days is all it takes.

We are a purpose built Agile Marketing outfit for technology businesses.

Our promise to you is simple:
If you choose to work with us, you’ll be in
market within 7 days of our first engagement.

Every technology business has a story tell.
Let us help you tell it.

Our “we’ll lose sleep over you” agreement

We’re obsessed with generating leads and telling the stories of our technology clients. 

We fixate over every tiny detail, because when it comes to growing your business and brand, it’s excellence or nothing at all.

We will also work on a performance basis and put a percentage of your cost at risk in exchange for a performance fee for every lead generated by Digital Kungfu. 

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What are you waiting for? 
It’s time to start generating qualified leads for your business.