Account Based Marketing’s Personalised Messaging

When we made the move to focus exclusively on technology businesses instead of any company that needed marketing, sales and lead generation assistance (aka everyone), we niched down because we recognised two keys things.

First, we work well with tech businesses. We understand tech and ‘tech speak’; we’re a fast, agile team, which technology businesses need and appreciate; and on the whole, these were the clients we achieved the best results for.

Second, technology businesses in general struggle to tell their stories. Their world is tech; technical jargon is their native language and they see the world in zeros and ones. As a storytelling company, we’ve found we can bridge the gap between what our clients want to say, and how their clients need to hear it in order to understand it.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through Account Based Marketing, or ABM.

The key to successfully telling a story is understanding who your audience is, what they care about, and the language and messaging they will respond to.


Account Based Marketing outperforms other marketing investments

The reality is that today’s buyers expect solutions that are tailored to their businesses and even their personal interests within the business. And yet marketing messages aren’t tailored in this way. They tend to be generalised, instead of speaking directly to stakeholders and their needs.

Account Based Marketing on the other hand, requires that marketing and sales departments engage each person on the buying team in a personalised way. This personalised approach is essential when focusing your efforts on a few select, high-value accounts.

According to the Harvard Business Review, individual customer stakeholders who see supplier content as tailored to their specific needs are 40% more willing to buy from those suppliers.

This is one of the reasons that ABM provides the highest ROI among B2B marketing tactics and strategies, while providing less waste and risk.

The power of getting personal

Consider all the ways that personalised messaging can improve sales in your business:

  • Personalised messages speak directly to a key, high-value prospect, taking their specific needs, challenges and preferences into account. You’re essentially telling your customer: I know you, I understand what you need, and I’m able to provide a tailored solution for you.
  • Speaking the same language quickly and efficiently builds trust, which is an essential component in the B2B selling environment.
  • When you take the time to create a personalised message for your customer that is based on the experience and insights of marketing and sales, your follow through tends to be good as well, leading to repeat business and referrals. Since referrals are the main way that technology companies secure business, generating word-of-mouth buzz is always a critical factor to consider.

The combination of telling a story and personalising your message is powerful. Start by understanding who your high-value customers are (sales and marketing need to work together to achieve this), craft individualised messaging for each account, and tell your story, placing your customer in the centre of your narrative as the hero.

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