Digital Kungfu wins Africa’s Top Technology Start-Up at Inaugural Africa Tech Week

11 March 2019

Century City, Cape Town. Digital Kungfu, a purpose-built lead generation company for technology businesses, walked away with the Best Technology Start-Up Award at the inaugural Africa Tech Week Awards on Tuesday night.

“We were nominated by the organizers of the Africa Tech Week Awards, which is the biggest compliment we could receive as a startup,” says Matt Brown, CEO of Digital Kungfu. “Some of the best technology startups on the African continent were in our category.

“It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur with a dream. World-changing technology is available to everyone at a scale we haven’t seen before, and African startups are just as compelling as anywhere in else in the world.

“In particular, we’re seeing an influx of innovative tech solutions solving very unique African challenges. It’s great company to be keeping, particularly as Awards programmes like these showcase those innovations and keep us all at the top of our game.”

Digital Disruptors in the Tech Marketing Space

For Digital Kungfu in particular, the Best Technology Start-Up Award vindicates the company’s decision to niche down. “We’ve moved away from servicing the entire SME market to specialising in lead gen for technology businesses,” says Brown.

Our whole business model has been built around addressing the need for speed and performance that technology businesses face. Our storytelling IP, combined with an agile marketing operating system, which is driven by robust data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), is a market-making innovation that technology clients are responding positively to. 

“Businesses all over the world are trying to understand how to adapt to a business environment that is driven by exponential technologies and which is on the precipice of a rate of change that the world has not seen before.

“We know that nobody has all the answers, but we can focus on our niche – which is marketing and lead gen – within this specific sector. We understand technology, technology businesses and the tools available to us to achieve real ROI in the marketing and sales space.”

A key differentiator for Digital Kungfu is its shared-risk commercial model, in which the business discounts its production costs for a performance fee per lead. “We believe in our systems,” says Brown. “We’ve been able to go in at 100% risk for certain select clients. This means that we only get paid if we are successful at generating qualified leads for them.

Representing Africa and Beyond

Digital Kungfu took home top honours alongside Black Beard Technologies, Aerobotics, Standard Bank, Wyzetalk, Cortex Logic, to name a few.

“Being involved in the inaugural Africa Tech Week has been an extremely valuable experience,” says Brown. “Africa Tech Week focusses on digital disruption and accelerating inclusive regional growth. The programme’s focus is on offering deep actionable insights and actual solutions for tangible business strategy in response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

The Awards and associated expo are set to become the largest annual tech conference in Africa, and are hosted by the City of Cape Town in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

As a result of winning this prestigious award, Digital Kungfu will be flown by the South African Department of Trade and Industry to the London Tech Week awards to represent Africa amongst the world’s best startups. 


Digital Kungfu is a storytelling production company that helps technology businesses market their software products/services, generate leads and build their brands. To address the pace of the technology sector, Digital Kungfu combines storytelling, branded content and agile marketing to take new or existing products and services to market quickly and in the process maximise market share and generate leads.

Matt Brown is the Chief Excitement Officer (CEO) of Digital Kungfu, a storytelling production company that helps technology businesses generate leads, market their software products/service and build their brands. He is also the founder of The Matt Brown Show, South Africa’s favourite podcast for entrepreneurs.

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