Your Sales-Ready Pipeline, Delivered in Days

For technology businesses, speed to market is everything, not just when it comes to solutions, but marketing as well. We developed The Lightning Strike to address two critical ICT challenges: poor quality leads and low volumes of leads. 

Your business has a story to tell. But is it resonating with your target customers? Do you have the time, skills and resources to create and seed memorable, relatable and understandable content? And most importantly, are you doing all of the above at speed? 

Discover how We built a sales ready pipeline for First Distribution
worth R17,350,000 within 21 days.

 That’s what The Lightning Strike is all about: Fast, effective marketing that tells your story, elevates quality and volume of leads, and tracks and measures results so that our agile team can ensure your resources are targeted at the messaging that most resonates with your target audience. 

Get your Sales-Ready Pipeline, Delivered in Days

Find out why speed and effectiveness are the new currency in digital marketing for technology businesses.