#TechBytes is a
nine-part video mini series that shares nine simple steps that any business can apply to generate qualified leads and a steady stream of top-of-funnel prospects that want to learn more about your business and its solutions.
 The nine videos in this series reveal:

The need for speed in fast paced technology markets and the proven link between speed to market and effective lead generation

How the worlds best lead generation companies are introducing new thinking into old problems to maximise lead generation

The link between the “niche down” and why focusing on a single customer problem can increase leads by 60%

The power of story and how the latest storytelling techniques are influencing entire markets quickly and affordably

The biggest mistake in lead generation that most technology companies make and that hinders your ability to generate leads

Why talking features and benefits is no longer enough in lead generation and the value of selling the customer dream and the nightmare

The case for agile marketing and how to increase leads by up to 40%

Inside agile marketing and how to deploy a lead generation driven agile marketing campaign

Agile marketing metrics – what to measure both inside and outside the business and there role in lead generation


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